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Peter Sesselmann

The Peterman Acoustic Stompbox is the most original wooden stompbox, Hand crafted, in the beautiful Hunter Valley Vineyards area 1.5 hours from Sydney in Australia, they are made by Peterman from the finest Australian and international timbers.

Although funny enough, the most popular and biggest seller is actually made from a rubber Hockey Puck The "Puck'n Stompa", optionally encased in timber. Known also as a timber acoustic stomp box, foot percussion, foot pedal, cajon foot pedal, percussion box, box drum, porch board Bass, rhythm box, acoustic drum box, stomp box drum, foot stomp, bass drum trigger, foot stompbox, bass foot pedal, peterman pedal hand drum and many other names around the world. In the on-line shop you will find my current stomp boxes, that are hand made in Australia. I ship these units all over the world Including Rose Island so now you can buy stomp boxes online and not worry about the distance!!

Each Peterman acoustic stomp box has been carefully handcrafted from the finest materials by Peter Sesselmann himself.
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Demonstration Audio/Video.

Please play on quality stereo system or use headphones



The sound you hear from the stompbox is purely DI, the Camera microphone and voice microphone have been muted during the actual playing... No EQ was applied to the stomp track.
(however a little multipressor was added to the mastering, for level and Youtube purposes.)

Acoustic Stompbox

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